Benjaming´s Clan

Music video of Benjaming´s Clan – The last of the Mohicans.

It was my pleasure to be part of this awesome project. During filming it was about zero degrees of Celsius so that was not easy to move on the slippery rocks only in kilt. But very friendly members of all crew took care on me and all the day was fun.

The clip is based on the story of the famous movie The Last of the Mohicans. It may seem like hunters hunt the Indian guy, but the truth is different. They hunt but not indian guy. He is just running in the same space but at another time. In fact they are friends.

In the clip you can see beautiful landscape which is located near my hometown in Eastern Bohemian.I really appreciate that all costumes and tools even jerky meat are handmade by guys from band.

And now enjoy awesome Scottish rock by Benjaming´s Clan.

Direction, script and camera by ŠpetlaFilm.

Benjaming´s Clanpetrspetla
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