„Most people are just afraid to push it in their lives.“ Libor Podmol

Gravitation (2015) is not a typical document. It is build on the success of internet motivational videos and at ninety-nine minutes conveys to the audience mainly energy packed in stories of athletes who have not been easy in their lives, and their sports are not at the top of popularity in the Czech Republic.

I had the opportunity to be one of those athletes and during filming I repeted my first big jump in my life. It was a drop about sixth meters high from the roof of our family house. In that moment I realized what a dumb i have been.

This is the feature-length debut of the creators of Petr Špeta and Denisa Gumbírová (Špetla Film) with music by composer Karel Antonín in co-production with Patrik Semlbauer of GripTV.

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GravitationJim Dohnal